Jim Thompson Art Center Challenging Time: Online Exchange and Research Residency Program between Thailand and Taiwan

Challenging Time: Online Exchange and Research Residency Program between Thailand and Taiwan


Challenging Time: Online Exchange and Research Residency Program between Thailand and Taiwan





The Challenging Time, Artists Exchange and Research in Residency Program aims to expand the existing network between the arts communities of Taiwan and Thailand by inviting artists and curators from each country to exchange ideas and conduct research in a residency program. We would like to create this exchange program between curators and artists from both countries in a residency program running from 3 weeks to one month, during which they will visit artists’ studios and connect with local arts communities and art institutions, as well as policymakers on their topic of interest.


An exhibition tour, site visits, individual meetings, and roundtable discussions will be led by professionals, among them Gridthiya Gaweewong (Artistic Director, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok) and Frankie Su (Director, Hong-gah Museum, Taipei). Program Keynote Speakers will include Nobuo Takamori (Independent Curator, Curator of From Cold War Perspective to Global South in Museum Collection at Taipei Fine Art Museum), Wei Yu (Curator, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Co-Curator of 2020 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition-ANIMA), Eva Lin (Independent Curator, Public program curator of 2020 Taipei Biennial, and Co-Curator of 2020 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition-ANIMA), Thanom Chapakdee, (Director, Khonkaen Manifesto, Khon Kaen) and Vipash Purichanont (a member of Curatorial Team, Thailand Biennale, Korat, 2021).


Due to the COVID 19 crisis, we are still unsure about the future, if the pandemic will return in a second wave, and when border restrictions will be eased. This online residency program will help both curators and artists take time out to do research and learn more about each other and contemporary art practices in relation to the social, political, economic, and cultural context. Exhibition tours and lectures along with studio visits will be held online while a proposal presented after research will be included, and there will be further possibilities to realize the proposal off-line. It’s also important to exchange ideas on how to deal with the uncertainty in this unsettled world.


8 applicants (4 from Thailand, 4 from Taiwan) will be selected to participate in the Exchange and Research Program. All applicants must submit a CV and a 500-word letter of intent, which includes a recent artistic or curatorial project that has made an impact on the applicant.

Thai and Taiwanese citizens
Artists and curators living and working in Taiwan, Thailand, and beyond
Minimum English required


-30,000 NTD Participation Fee
-Online exhibition tour and exclusive discussion session with curators of upcoming exhibitions in Bangkok and Taipei.
-Further possibilities to realize art practices and exhibitions in Bangkok and Taipei.
About Jim Thompson Art Center
Located in the heart of Bangkok and opened in 2003, the Jim Thompson Art Center (JTAC) aims to nurture artistic activities and create public access to contemporary art in today’s socio-political and cultural context. Among its many activities, the Art Center works with both in-house and guest curators to organize exhibitions, conducts educational activities, networks and collaborates with local and international cultural institutions. Serving as a haven for Bangkok’s local and international arts and cultural communities, the Center’s reputation as a place to stimulate artistic practices and socially engaged dialogue is rapidly spreading. The art center’s new building is currently under construction and is expected to be completed early in 2021. (www.jimthompsonartcenter.org)


About Hong-gah Museum
Founded in 1991, Chew’s Culture Foundation established the Hong-Gah Museum in 1999 as an addition to its dedicated promotion of Spring Autumn Music that encourages and cultivates domestic professional music composers. Through exhibitions, campaigns, interdisciplinary performances, and more, the Museum provides an art appreciation venue of quality and also sows seeds of art in the local community. Now open for more than 14 years, the Museum was awarded membership of the Local Cultural Museums of Ministry of Culture in 2003. Furthermore, the Museum has been recognized many times with “Arts & Business” awards and the “Taipei Culture Award”. (www.hong-gah.org.tw)


For additional information, please email artcenter@jimthompsonhouse.com



📌Application form: https://forms.gle/JjsW3sQJ3j2vFypX6

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