Jim Thompson Art Center Ghost 2565: Live Without Dead Time

Ghost 2565: Live Without Dead Time

Following Ghost:2561 (October 11–28, 2018) curated by co-founder Korakrit Arunanondchai, the second edition Ghost 2565: Live Without Dead Time curated by Christina Li takes place from October 12 to November 13, 2022 in venues throughout Bangkok.


Ghost 2565 highlights untold stories of figures and places caught in the chasms created by the incohesion and tensions of contemporary life. A response to the specific context of Bangkok, Ghost 2565 assembles multivalent presents, pasts, and futures that attempt to define a phantasmagorial city in resistance to homogenous narratives. The subtitle is translated from the line “vivre sans temps mort”, spray-painted on the wall of the Sorbonne in Paris in May 1968, which pointed to the collective state of comatose compliance in the face of capitalism when society had become a monstrous accumulation of spectacles and commodified experiences. Confronted with the totalizing power of representation, how might we disrupt the forces that lull us into empty existence?


This second edition occupies the glitch produced by desynchronized space and time and the conflicting visions of an amorphous city in flux. From within the Bangkok’s fabric, Ghost 2565 forges a space of mutual learning by gathering perspectives from established and emerging artists and practitioners from Thailand, the wider region, and beyond connected through shared urgencies and struggles across temporalities and geographies. The triennial series inspires audiences to establish and inhabit existing frameworks toward other possible knowledge and futures and yield new forms of living. In searching for alternative narratives that reside in the crevices, this multidisciplinary platform catalyzes a collective act to reclaim disinherited time and spaces to explore the subjectivities, untold stories, and shared visions that might emerge.