Jim Thompson Art Center


William Warren Library

The library is named after William Warren, who is the author of many books including The Unsolved Mystery, the biography of Jim Thompson. William Warren, was born in Georgia in United States, but settled in Bangkok over 50 years ago. He served as lecturer at Chulalongkorn University for 30 years and has written numerous articles and books about art, culture, architecture, and landscape gardening in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Every day 10.00 - 18.00 pm.
Exempt Tuesday

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Reference material, divided into the following sections :
- Books by William Warren
- Material, both written and photographic, concerning Jim Thompson’s life General books on culture, architecture, textiles, travel, home decoration, and crafts
- Exhibition catalogues of events held at the Jim Thompson Art Center Loft space
- Computer data-base searches
- Wireless internet
- New arrival books and magazines
- Books related to Jim Thompson Art Center exhibitions Mini-exhibition space
-Relaxation corner with beverages
- Photocopying service


1. Members are allowed to borrow general books, William Warren Collection, Jim Thompson/The James H. W. Thompson Foundation Publications, Art Exhibition Catalogue and Contemporary Textbooks, back issues of magazines and multimedia. Three items can be borrowed at a time for up to 10 days. If they are returned lated, there will be 10 baht fine, per item, per day.

2. For book renewal or any questions, please contact the librarians by phone at 02 216 7368 or via e-mail.